About Art of Poets

Founded on July 18, 2018, Art of Poets is a community devoted to inspiring readers to live a more conscious life through inspirational quotes, poetry & self-help blog posts. At Art of Poets, I believe that words can be a powerful medium for self-exploration, growth, and transformation.

With a following of over 2.4 million across social media, my aim is to provide readers the opportunity to delve deeper within themselves and expand their perspectives on life, one word at a time.

How It All Started

I originally started Art of Poets on Instagram back in 2018 inspired by a few similar feature quotes pages. It didn’t take too long before my Instagram blew up, reaching 100k followers within the first 90 days.

Fast forward to today, @artofpoets is one of the most followed accounts in this niche on Instagram, with over 1.2 million readers, and over 900k readers on Facebook, for which, I’m eternally grateful.

Why the Name ‘Art of Poets’?

The reason behind the name ‘Art of Poets’ was simple…

One day, I was brainstorming ideas for a unique name for my feature quotes account when I suddenly stumbled upon ‘art’ and ‘poets’. I thought to myself, “Why not just name it ‘Art of Poets’?”

After all, quotes and poetry are no less than art themselves – and that’s how it all began. But Art of Poets isn’t just confined to sharing poetry – the goal is to share inspiration in any form of words.

Why Image Quotes?

I believe image quotes are easier to read, save, and share on any social media. So, I combine text and images to provide a seamless experience for readers.

What’s the Next Goal?

After four years of being active on social media, Art of Poets expanded into a website in March 2023 – a digital library of words that is well-preserved and accessible to anyone, anywhere in the world.

Art of Poets has been an integral part of my life. It continues to inspire over 2.4 million readers globally and I simply want to preserve its legacy through this website.